4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Any Company’s Stock



For some investors, choosing which stock to invest in is a long, drawn-out process involving weeks – or even months – of following trends and analyzing charts. For others, however, deciding how they want to allocate their capital is as simple as choosing a long-running, consistently successful company with a proven track record.

People can argue all day over the best methods for finding successful stocks, but in the end there is no one right way to pick a winner. There is, though, a wrong way to pick a good investment: failing to do any research at all.

No matter how meticulous or intuitive choosing a stock is to you, there are some very important questions that you should be asking every time you’re thinking about investing. Here we’re going to talk about four highly important things to find out about any potential stock market investment opportunity:

Is There a Consistent Record of Growth and Dividends?

For the majority of beginner to intermediate-level investors, the most reliable results are often achieved by sticking with companies which have a healthy record of consistent growth and dividend payments. And while some new startups and other underdogs may have the potential for a huge upside, they’re far more likely to have an equally large downside compared to more stable, time-tested corporations.

What Does the Company’s Leadership Look Like?

Having effective, experienced leaders is one of the most common traits among successful companies. Conversely, however, poor leadership can have a devastating effect on a business and its share value. Always take the time to research who’s going to be in charge of your money. A few things to consider include how long the leadership has been in place, whether they’ve generated results so far, and what kind of real-world experience any newer members to the team possess.

Are There Any Dangerous Obstacles to Growth?

Even a company that’s had a great performance over the past few years can run into trouble. That’s why it’s important to base your picks on not just past results, but also their potential going forward. Are there any obstacles to growth that could pop up in the near future? Sometimes this is other businesses in the space, and other times it can be anything from changes in consumer preferences to global macroeconomic trends.

What Do the Experts Think?

Yes, one of the best ways to build wealth is to go against the crowd – find the undervalued superstar that everyone else is selling. But more often than not, the professional analysts who study these stocks day-in and day-out have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. While you should always conduct your own research, it’s never a bad idea to take heed to what the major firms are saying about a potential investment.

Picking stocks is not a science – there are countless different ways in which extremely successful investors choose how to invest their wealth. If you speak with a dozen different people, you’re likely to get a dozen different investment selecting strategies. But at the end of the day, no matter how you find the next big opportunity, just make sure you remember to ask these four questions before putting your money into action.







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