Nintendo launched its popular gaming console in the U.S., the Wii, back in November 2006. Six years later, almost to the date in November 2012, the Wii U made its debut in the United States. The fact that, barely 4 years have passed and there are rumours of yet another Nintendo gaming upgrade, is significant.

So what exactly do we know so far about Nintendo’s latest reveal? Read on to find out!


For sure we know that the next evolution of the hugely disappointing Wii U will be called the Nintendo NX. And under a strict publication ban, the company has consistently refrained from saying much more. Even the initial news about the existence of the NX was strangely revealed – tucked away on the 3rd page of its quarterly financial report for the period ended March 31, 2016, under “Outlook for fiscal year ending March 31, 2017”.

But speculation and rumours abound. 

Here’s what numerous reliable sources have reported about the impending arrival of the Nintendo NX:

  • In January 2015, reports from Sharp surfaced that Nintendo would be the first customer (of Sharp) to use its latest Free Form Display for a potential new portable games console
  • In October 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo had begun distributing its software development kit to game producers, gaming studios and strategic partners
  • In December 2015, The Verge reported a strangely elliptical-designed unique patent that the company filed for a gaming controller. Rumour has it that this is what the NX’s controller will probably look like 
  • In April 2016, CNN’s popular CNN Money column quoted a company source that Nintendo was mulling a March 2017 launch for its new gaming console

In addition, according to company sources, NX will offer something radically different to its gaming consumers, and will feature “industry leading chips”. The use of cutting edge chip technology makes perfect sense if Nintendo plans on competing with staunch rivals like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


 While rumours of a “wildly different” gaming experience that NX will offer abound, especially the “handheld-meets-console” aspect of the new device; in hind sight there were signs that was where the company was going. Back in 2013, a management policy briefing note suggested the company plans to merge its handheld and console divisions.

As a result, when this merger happened, there were more speculations about what to expect from NX. Analysts believe that, in addition to a hand-held component, the NX is likely to also include a mobile unit that may work in tandem with the console, or which can be carried on the road for stand-alone use.


While not much is known for certain about new games or conversion of existing gaming suites, reports confirmed that Dragon Quest 10 and 11 will likely be the first of popular game series that will be made available on Nintendo NX when it releases.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the quarterly earnings report referred to earlier in this article mentioned that the company has had to push out the launching of yet another popular title – Legend of Zelda – to 2017. 


Both the DS and Wii were fairly aggressively marketed and priced at $150 and $250 at their respective launches. While nothing is known as yet about the NX’s price points, it is expected that, given the stiff competition the company is facing from other gaming consoles, pricing for its Wii U replacement will be equally compelling.

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