There’s no denying it: People need to take care of their finances better than they’ve ever had to ever before in recent history. Companies are downsizing and individuals are losing jobs by the thousands. Savings are earning next to nothing, and stock and bond investments are either flat lining or losing money. In this climate, you need to conserve what you have, and spend what you’ve earned wisely.

To do that, you need some help – and personal finance apps are out there that can step in to save the day. We’ve reviewed some of the best apps for personal finance here for you. Read on to learn more about how technology can help you take charge of your finances.


Good personal finance decisions are made with accurate information. When you know how much money you have, when it came in, how much you’ve spent and on what, and what you have left, you’ll be able to be a much better steward of your finances. 

Better still, when you can do all of this in a timely manner, and consistently, your finances will be in a much better shape than someone that doesn’t have that ability. The following apps will empower you and help you get back on track with your finances.


Intuit Mint Reviews

Created by Intuit, one of the most respected players in the personal finance and investing world, Mint is a powerful and feature-rich personal financial tracking and management tool. You can link your bank accounts and credit cards, track your 401K investments and even manage your student loans with this tool.

With its features, you can create a budget and track all of your spending automatically, and receive personalized alerts when you are reaching your budget limits. You can even get your credit card score for free.

They say pictures paint a thousand words – and Mint does just that. It can take all those mundane dollar amounts and turn them into informative charts and graphs that let you quickly and effectively make personal finance decisions. Best of all – signing up for Mint is FREE!

Level Meter Reviews

Level Money is a pretty neat personal finance app that bills itself as your “mobile money meter”. By connecting the app to your bank account, you’ll instantly be empowered to keep track of how much money comes in, and how much and where, it’s spent.  

The powerful little app calculates your income, and figures out what your recurring outflows are – like cell phone bills, mortgage payments or rent. It gives you a complete account of what your weekly and monthly in-flows and outflows are, to help you better manage your finances. You can even get the app to handle auto-savings into your savings account – and it does all of this in real time!

Digit Reviews

Officially backed by internet giant Google, Digit helps you squirrel away money that you may not even realize that you have! By cleverly scanning through your income and expenses, this neat little app will slyly tuck away little sums of money into your savings account – building it into a huge pile of savings over time.

Don’t worry – Digit won’t take away more than you can afford. That’s because it only stashes away the funds for future savings – through calculated analysis of your spending habits – once it has determined that you can afford to put those funds aside. The net result: You’ll start earning interest on the money instead of it lying around in your checking account.

Currently available for the iPhone, an Android version is expected to be released soon. Best of all, Digit is equipped with cutting edge security features. All of your personal information is encrypted and stored anonymously. And your funds – up to a maximum of $250,000 – are insured by the FDIC.

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