You didn’t need to be a “nerd” or a hot-shot gamer to enjoy some of the gaming classics that were released in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The emergence of 3D technology made “gaming” the rave, and spawned a whole new ecosystem of slot machines and gaming parlours.

Read on to learn more about some classic video games anyone can enjoy.


As a result of advances in video, audio and chip technologies, some of the popular games of yesteryears are making a huge come back. New technology has made it possible to bring these old classics to life like you’ve never have imagined.

Resident Evil 2 Reviews

Those of you that enjoyed the thrill and excitement (and fright!) of playing Resident Evil (RE) back in the 1990s, in 3D, will not be disappointed with what Capcom has done with RE 2. 

Continuing a couple of months following the end of part-1, RE2 kicks off with Raccoon City being hit by a major “zombifying” virus.  Rookie cop Leon Kennedy and cohort Clarie Redfield, who is the sister of RE1 character, are left to save he day.

While RE1 and RE2 are still basically the same when it comes to gameplay – i.e. as either one of 2 players, there have been certain “upgrades” made to the character’s that make RE2 more interesting. For instance Leon starts with a lighter, while Clarie with a lock pick. And as they move along, trying to solve this puzzle, they each accumulate various weaponry in their arsenal. 

Since both characters are at play simultaneously, visiting various places in Raccoon City at the same time, RE2 also makes the scenarios more “meaningful”. For instance, if one character picks up a weapon from one location, that weapon won’t be available when the second character visits the same place – which makes sense!

Great graphics and plenty of suspense and action makes this a top pick of ours!

Gravity Rush Reviews

Brought to vibrancy by Bluepoint Games, and using all of the power that PS4’s cutting-edge hardware has to offer, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the alternate realities that Gravity Rush has to offer.

The game’s creators have managed to get players hooked on as the game’s heroine Kat, along with Dusty her side-kick, float and swim through Hekseville, the enchanted city around which the game is themed.

Gravity Rush is the proud recipient of a Game of The Year award at the Tokyo Game show, and director Keiichi Toyama has done an excellent job of giving people a chance to relive the earlier experiences of the game. Join Kat as she tries to get answers to her mysterious and magical gravity defying powers, and her quest to unlock a past that’s forgotten.

Gamers can now enjoy Gravity Rush in full 1080p, with stunning graphical enhancements and performance upgrades. 

Space Invaders Reviews

When it was originally launched way back in 1978, Space Invaders took the world of gaming by storm. It literally invaded every gamers imagination, and players were lining the video arcades to get a chance to play it.

With its re-release by Taito in 1994, Space Invaders has made a comeback and brought back old memories of a game well loved and played the world over. Before you jump in joy however – be advised that this is NOT a remake. It’s the same old classic that has been brought back to life!

The fundamental idea of playing Space Invaders is to be able to point a cannon at invading aliens and fire at them, and take evasive action as you receive retaliatory fire from the invaders. You’ll be able to take cover behind bunkers, and even earn bonus points by hitting an out-of-formation flying “mystery ship”. 

The fact that this game is truly a trip down memory lane makes it our top pick.

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