The term “tactical”, in terms of flashlights, is used to mean a torch or personal lighting device that is typically used by law enforcers, security guards and military personnel. Flashlights used in those domains have a higher requirement for ruggedness, failure resistance and reliability.

Today, tactical flashlights are readily available at most home hardware and shopping outlets, putting them within reach of regular consumers. If you are looking to buy one of them, here’s all you need to know. 


Advances in portable lighting technologies have made personal lighting solutions much better than the ones available just a few years ago.  Here are some of the things that you should look for in a tactical flashlight:

  • Better lighting capability
  • Broader lighting radius
  • Longer-lasting LEDs
  • Made from lighter materials
  • More sturdy: Usually constructed from weapons-grade aluminum  
  • Easy to handle: Has textured grip
  • Smaller profile: Easy to store and carry

Today’s tactical flashlights are far superior in many respects than the ordinary garden-variety torches that you are so familiar with. And they are available with various features and functionality options.


Over the past year or so, many manufacturers have introduced their own brands of tactical flashlights. We’ve reviewed some of the best ones available today.

Streamlight ProTac HL® High Lumen Tactical Light Reviews

The ProTac® HL has a unique programmable switch that can be lightly pressed or tapped to give momentary operation, or pressed until it clicks to offer constant on operation.

  • Proprietary Ten-Tap programmable switch 
  • Offers 750 lumens of powerful light
  • Comes with removable pocket clip and holster
  • Lamp will last for over 50,000 hours
  • Tested for damages for up to 1 meter drops

Along with its small size and powerful light output, the ProTac® HL is highly recommended for multiple uses, including military, law-enforcement, security and consumer applications.

VZ230 Tactical Flashlight  Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Small, compact and convenient, the Vizeri VZ230 flashlight is an industrial-grade personal lighting device that uses specially designed LED technology to produce white light that is greater than the combined output of that produced by 6 standard flashlights. 

  • Provides 230 lumens of bright white light
  • Long-lasting LED that comes with an 80,000 hour life
  • Small size means it can either be carried in the provided holster, or discretely in your pocket or purse
  • Made from hard-anodized material with an anti-abrasive finish for rugged use
  • Can be used with AAA batteries or a rechargeable cell
  • A zoom-focus feature allows you to focus the beam with precision to the spot where you need the light

Produced from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Vizeri VZ230 uses high quality components and is totally waterproof, making it an excellent choice for both in-door and out-door applications.

Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight Reviews

Weighing just 2.4 ounces, the Helotex G2 is a highly popular device amongst civilian consumers, and is also a favourite amongst security professionals. 

  • Comes in a rugged 6063-T6 high grade Aircraft Aluminum casing 
  • Shock and waterproof – thanks to all-sided toric joint seals 
  • Offers convenient 3 lighting functions – High, Low and Strobe
  • Produces 130 lumens of bright light – great for emergencies and other night-time applications
  • Has a tactile click on/off button on the end of the flashlight for ease of use 

The tailcap switch at the rear enables the flashlight to tail-stand, making it ideal for unique applications that need an upright (as opposed to pointed at angles) light source.


These tactical flashlight reviews offer you a preview of some of best torches available today. Before you buy one of them though, make sure you have read the reviews in detail, and know exactly what it is that you want from your tactical flashlight, whether it is a small size, a convenient carrying holster, or the use of rechargeable power source. 

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