Women (and men too!) for millennia have been searching for the eternal fountain of youth. The ancient Egyptians used milk baths and herbal portions to preserve their youth. There are historical references about cultures using human and animal sacrifices to ensure those who offered them never grew old.

Thankfully today, we don’t need to resort to slaying humans and animals to look young – we have the benefit of science and decades of research on our side. With some certainty therefore, we can say that it is possible to continue to look young as you age. Read on to find out how!  


Even with all of today’s technology at our disposal, no one can perpetually look 20. However, with the help of advanced medical sciences, researchers have found that there are certain things that we can do to help us look young as we age. Growing old gracefully is possible if we take the right steps earlier on in our lives. These include:

  • Making the right lifestyle choices
  • Using the appropriate anti aging products and Supplements

Life Style Choices

The following life style tips can help you preserve your looks, even as you continue to age:

  • Eat healthy: Making healthy dietary choices goes a long way to helping the body to fight the effects of aging. Increase your levels of fruits and vegetable – especially green veggies – consumption. Stay away from red and processed meats. Meals heavy on garlic and onions are known (and scientifically proven!) to increase the body’s natural immunity to illness and fatigue
  • Respect your body: Stay away from substances like tobacco and the excessive consumption of alcohol and harmful drugs. Even the heavy use of prescription or over-the-counter medication can take its toll on the aging process, making you look years older than your age
  • Rest well: The body has a natural process of rejuvenation and cell re-creation. It happens during periods of sleep. To look young and refreshed, we need at least 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep
  • Exercise: Without a doubt, staying fit and exercising regularly can help you shave years, if not decades, off your looks 
  • Stay stress-free: If you live a high-stress life, you are likely to look old beyond your age. To look young as you age, avoid stress as much as possible. And when faced with a stressful situation, embrace stress-relieving methods like Yoga or meditation to cope with stress   

Anti-aging products and supplements

Even as our bodies age, it is possible for us to still look younger than our biological selves. We can do so with the help of a selected range of products and supplements:

  • Skin care products: The largest organ in our body, our skin, contributes the most in terms of how we look as we age. Choose the right skin care products to ensure you look younger as you age. Products rich in antioxidants, such as Vitamin C are a good start. Using retinoids and alpha hydroxyl acids help skin cell turnover, pushing off dead skin and helping younger-looking new skin to grow faster
  • Skin exposure: Where possible, avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold. If you do have to go outdoors, use a sun screen with an SPF factor of at least 30
  • Supplements: To give your body’s natural anti-aging systems a helping hand, use some anti-aging and health supplements. Products rich in Vitamin E can protect the skin against damage and inflammation. Glucosamine-rich products help fight sagging skin and fine lines. And products that feature coenzyme Q10  can help prevent wrinkles


When all’s said and done, looking young as you age is not just about the physical aspects of how to treat your body, it’s also about the mind. Study after study shows that a healthy mind can contribute a lot to a healthy body. Keeping busy, thinking positive and keeping the brain alert – through mental activity and meditation – are some ways to ensure your mind does its part to help your body look younger as you age. 

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